Kaylin Amabile is a self taught internationally published photographer and emerging collage artist. Working mainly with vintage magazines and photographs, she aims to provide social commentary on current events using pieces from the past.

Currently residing in Tampa , FL.

Nude Nite

La Botánica art show

Fool's Gold He(art) show

Unbound | The Bricks

St. Pete Women's Collective art show

Cafe Hey Spring art show

Various Fringe Collective shows


  • Beauty in Vogue | Vogue Italia
  • Noise Porn Magazine
  • Andivero Magazine
  • i-MUTE Magazine
  • Tinsel Tokyo Magazine
  • Dark Beauty Magazine
  • Ellements magazine
  • Jute Magazine
  • Lucy's Webitorial
  • Fuss Magazine
  • Teeth Magazine
  • Whim Online
  • COCO Indie
  • Kit-Magazine
  • Atwood Magazine
  • Quiescent Magazine
  • Book cover | Never Let Me Go by L.K Gandy

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    email: kamabile3@gmail.com

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